A List Of Easy Dissertation Topics In Finance And Investment

One of the biggest hurdles you will face as you choose your finance and investment dissertation is choosing a topic. This is especially true in this field, because it is such a broad topic. Unfortunately, this field is also difficult for some, especially those that prefer to work with numbers instead of writing. If you need help getting started, here are several easy finance dissertation topics.

  1. The Credit Crisis- Consider the way that offering credit lines to people who do not pay them back have affected the country. Is part of the financial deficit caused by this factor and how big of a role does it play?
  2. The Trans-Pacific Partnership- Some people view the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as a means to encourage trade between countries and boost finance. Think about the real impacts that it may have and theorize how it will change the future of trade if passed.
  3. Standard Deviation as a Risk Indicator for Investment Practices- Consider the way that standard deviation is used as a means of understanding the risk of an investment. Is this effective and why or why not?
  4. Internal and External Audits- A Comparison of Standards- Evaluate both internal audit systems and external audit systems in terms of effectiveness. Where are there correlations? How effective is each at detecting corrupt money handling processes?
  5. An Overview and Critique of Islamic Banking- It is known that banks in Islam do not charge interest. How does this effect the way the banks work and the financial system of Islam as a whole?
  6. Low Budget Airlines- How do They Manage Risk?- Consider the corporate strategy and risk management that must be used by low budget airlines and how this effects their profit margin in both the short- and long- term.
  7. The Exchange Rate of Stock- How does the exchange rate effect how stock is invested and traded across international borders?
  8. Multinational Corporations and Financial Planning Control- What challenges do international corporations face when it comes to financial planning? Are these the same or different challenges than those faced by single nation companies and what can be done to ensure control?

Writing your dissertation is likely the most difficult thing you will do when working toward your finance and investment degree. Make sure that you nail it by choosing the best topic for your dissertation.

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