Graduate Student Common Dissertation Writing Struggles And the Ways to Get Over Them


  1. Problems Are OK

    It is normal to struggle with writing a dissertation. This is one of the longest essays the student will ever complete, and it can take months or years to finish. While some problems are unique to each individual student, there are many common struggles that graduate students have to deal with. To overcome these difficulties, use the following tips.

  2. Getting Over Writer's Block

    Everyone experiences writer's block at some point. Even English majors will find themselves struggling to put words onto the page. To break free from writer's block, it helps to have a support group. Students can make a study group or work with a writing buddy to get the creative process going. A writing buddy will hold the student accountable, and they can be a valuable source of new ideas. In addition, the writing buddy will become useful in the future when the student needs help with editing their paper. …

  3. Make an Outline

    One of the reasons why students become stuck on their paper is that they do not know where they are headed. To beat this problem, students should always begin by making an outline. The outline should include all of the parts of the argument and go through them paragraph by paragraph. Underneath each paragraph topic, students should write down two or three pieces of research that support their argument. By taking the time to prepare an outline, students can ensure that they have made a logical argument that flows smoothly from the start to the finish. …

  4. Ask for Help

    There are hundreds of different ways that students can run into trouble while they write their dissertation. From bad citations to logical flaws, these problems hurt even the best of students. Fortunately, there is already someone on campus who can help students out with these issues. The academic adviser's main job is to help the student complete their paper. They have office hours set up specifically to help dissertation students, and smart students know to take advantage of this time. From offering example papers to help with research, an academic adviser is an invaluable resource …

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