Composing an Original Martin Luther King Jr Ph.D. Dissertation

Most students often think that it’s better for the professor to task them with creating a thesis on a person who is less auspicious. The process involved in coming up with a solid paper on people like Martin Luther King is daunting and can be terrifying. This man is not only iconic, but he also brought the problem of racial equality into collective consciousness all by himself. Till date, many believe that he nailed it and that’s the reason people of color have full equal rights now.
Although that might be true theoretically, the recent events that have taken place in America have proven that his mission wasn’t fully accomplished. It is evident that a lot has to be done to ensure that his legacy is built and the people of color can eventually find the equality they have desired all these years. So, how can one compose a Martin Luther King dissertation? No one said that this paper is going to be simple. You will need to sit down and come up with some tricks you can use. Here are various strategies you’ll find useful.

  • Sleep, eat and breathe King
    It will be difficult for you to create a solid Martin Luther King Ph.D. thesis if you haven’t absorbed yourself into his life fully. It makes no sense for you to skim-read certain points or sections of his life. What you should do is to get the full picture of his life so as to understand how extraordinary this man was. You are supposed to feel his passion and let yourself see the world from his perspective. Only when you do this can you be able to create a stellar thesis about this glorified legend.
  • Is it possible for you to argue if he was a force for positive change or not?

    Now, this is the most challenging part. It is very hard for you to find a way of arguing in a just manner that the inequality law changes were not warranted. But, no one is perfect, and we are all human. If you decided to dig deeper, it’s possible for you to find that Martin Luther King had flaws. As long as you discover a way to back up your claims with real hard-facts, you will be on the right path. Not only will the paper be controversial but it will be valid too.

  • Consider his legacy
    As mentioned earlier, it is clear that this legend’s moments were influential and a turning point. However, a lot has to be done today to ensure that his dreams become a reality. In fact, his legacy is currently in danger of being tarnished because people appear to be taking regressive steps when it comes to equality and race relations.

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