Your first essay: steps to writing a dissertation

Are you a newbie and this is your first essay? Well, no need to underestimate yourself. Although a few things may seem challenging but you can compose a great thesis if you carefully read and employ this information. All you need to do is to believe in yourself and deliver the best content to your professor. Adhere to these few steps of writing a dissertation and you will have a great paper.

  • Explore widely and make topic selection
    It is not enough to just assemble books and go through them. You have to get appropriate copies of books and read each of them as you put down short notes. It is also advisable to get suggestions concerning the type of books you are supposed to read. The more books you read, the more successful your work will be. Use the extensive knowledge you have acquired to craft an excellent title.
  • Create an outline
    After reading and familiarizing yourself with the topic, you have to organize the notes you have penned down. This makes your work easier and more meaningful. A disorganized work always demotivates people and may shift your attention. A simple outline should list down main and defending points including examples.
  • Develop a thesis statement
    It is important to outline the central focus of your dissertation. This should be clear in the first section of your work; the introduction. Focus on the topic and ensure your central question provides a basis for developing your paper.
  • Defend your points
    Once you have a central area of focus, consider coming up with more specific ideas or questions. These should direct you on the kind of information to give as you develop the body. You should ensure you have enough information to defend your points with before developing the body. Shun from unnecessary repetition of the points you have already laid down.
  • Conclusion
    In the final section, you have to give a general statement and tell your audience whether you have achieved your objective. If there are some things that need to be put into consideration, highlight them under your recommendations.

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