Seven Simple Rules to Help You Write a Dissertation Proposal in Humanities

Every part of a dissertation is equally important. You can’t give any of them less attention than it deserves, otherwise, your project will be turned down.

7 Rules That Can Help You Write a Dissertation Proposal

  1. Find out what a proposal is.
  2. A proposal is a rough table of contents of your project. In it, you inform your readers on the things you are going to explore in your work, your aim, and the importance of the research. It’s not required that you plan everything exactly as it is because a lot can change in the process.

  3. Find reliable examples.
  4. It’s always easier to write things you have never written before with the help of good reliable samples. Find a couple of samples related to humanities in good sources and use as formatting and structure templates.

  5. Compose an introduction.
  6. It’s normally a couple of sentences about your major idea and the importance of your topic. You can even say a couple of words regarding some related humanities issues and broader research.

  7. Speak about your methods.
  8. You need to name the methods of researching you are going to use in your work. It’s very important to explain why you consider them to be the most appropriate for your research and how you’ve chosen them.

  9. Name your objectives and predict results.
  10. Although a proposal is a rough draft of your work, you can make a very crude prediction regarding the expected results. Nobody waits that they will necessarily match your actual findings but the scientific prediction is another skill that shows your professionalism.

  11. Review the literature.
  12. Name the sources you are going to use in your research. It’s a great opportunity to show that your project stays in connection with earlier humanities research projects and undertakes the exploration they haven’t finished.

  13. Outline the constraints.
  14. Show how well you understand the constraints of your work and its connection to much broader issues and problems of the researched area.

Some More Dissertation Writing Help

It’s very important to ask for help when it’s needed. If you need assistance in the course of writing, ask for it. Ask your supervisor or senior colleagues if you need guidance and don’t hesitate to turn to professional custom writers in case you need to have some parts of your research written for you urgently but correctly from the technical point of view. The only thing you should never do is resorting to plagiarism in your project in humanities.

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