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In a nutshell: We are the eyes, ears and boots on the ground meeting with the experts (you!) within the food system and collaborating with key stakeholders.

Mission statement: To recommend policy, research and program options for an Iowa food system which supports healthier Iowans, communities, economies and the environment.

Collaborating is ultimately about relationships, and relationships do not thrive based on a rational calculus of costs and benefits but rather because genuine caring and mutual vulnerability.

Building the capacity to collaborate is hard work and demands the best of people, particularly when it involves people from different organizations with different goals and with little history of working together—maybe even with histories of distrust and antagonism.

In particular, we have found that building this capacity rests on three capabilities: convening, listening and nurturing shared commitment.
— Peter Senge, The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals are Working Together to Create a Sustainable World